How do I know I have a Squirrel problem?

The most common complaint about Squirrels is when they move into a loft space. They can make a tremendous amount of noise and usually are much more destructive than rats or mice. They will enter loft spaces for shelter and or a breeding site. A male squirrel will have several nests with his territory - usually in trees but some times in buildings.

Why should Squirrels be treated?

When squirrels enter a loft space, they can cause structural damage by tearing up loft insulation for bedding, chewing timbers and stored items, and cause flooding by chewing through modern plastic water pipes or by stripping insulation from electrical wiring and/or chewing through cabling which can cause electrical problems or even fires. Insulation may be pilled into large balls for the nest . They may also be very noisy, and if they drown in uncovered water storage tanks, may contaminate the water supply. For these reasons, it is important to keep squirrels out of lofts. Squirrels in gardens are also destructive pests, eating plants, bulbs, stripping bark and will eat bird’s eggs and chicks. Grey Squirrels are classed as vermin.


Preparation Prior to Treatment

Don’t attempt to block any entry holes prior to treatment. If you do this they may cause further damage trying to get back into their ‘home’.


The treatment of a Squirrel infestation is much more difficult & time consuming than the other rodent pests. Control of Squirrels in outside areas can be carried out in some circumstances but needs to be carefully considered as once a family of squirrels has been removed from an area that territory will be re occupied sooner or later. How soon this happens depends on the population of the surrounding area.

 To control them I will use trapping & poisoning. I may use one or both methods.

The poison requires that the Squirrel(s) feed several times before dying. This ensures that they do not become suspicious and associate the bait with illness or death and all the Squirrels die. If they (the squirrels) have access to other types of food such as bird food (which in urban environments they usually do) they may ignore the bait. 

Due to this difficulty traps will often be used along side the poisoned bait. Legally these types of traps have to be checked daily so can only be used if you are able to do so. If on the rare occasion the trap does not kill and you see or hear an animal caught in one of the traps that is in distress you must phone me Immediately.


What do I need to do afterwards?

If the problem is inside then after treatment has been completed it is important that the building is proofed as squirrels are territorial and other squirrels will soon move into the vacant territory.


There are no guarantees for treatments ‘outside’ as squirrels killed are often quickly replaced but inside treatments are guaranteed to eliminate the current population but not for any squirrels that arrive afterwards.