How do I know I have a problem?

Bed bugs bite at night. The bite marks will depend on the reaction of the person being bitten normally occurring on the upper parts of the body chest and neck areas are most popular. They are large enough to see without any magnification; they can grow up to 1/4 inch long. Bed bug infestations have been on the increase due to travel at home & overseas, The sale of 2nd hand furniture also accounts for a lot of infestations. The Bedbug infestation may have spread from an adjoining building or from some furniture or suitcase recently brought into the house, second hand clothing may also spread infestation. Bedbugs feed entirely on human blood at night when the victim is asleep. After feeding they crawl back into their hiding places which are in cracks and crevices in furniture, bed frames, cupboards, mattresses, electrical equipment, curtains, light fittings etc.


Preparation prior to Treatment

Bed Bugs are one of the hardest insects to treat and treatments will only work if the preparation has been done correctly. The bed sheets must be removed & washed. The room(s) to be treated must be vacuumed & cleaned. The treatment will fail if the room is full of clutter. The rooms must be clear of toys, books, boxes, cds, posters etc. Be careful not to put these objects into other rooms as you may spread the infestation. Objects in the room that cannot be either washed or sprayed with the insecticide (books, shoes, cds, dvds etc) can be put in a freezer overnight. This should be done before putting objects back into a treated room. Bed bugs usually infest bedrooms that are slept in, But I recommend treating all rooms in the infested property. If you are going to replace a bed or mattress wait until you are sure the treatment has worked & all bed bugs have been eradicated.


We treat the infested and surrounding areas with insecticides that are the strongest and most advanced  available. All are biodegradable, almost odourless, non tainting & do not corrode or stain. The areas where the Bedbugs will be expected to crawl as well as their harbourages will be treated. This is completely harmless to mammals. 


What do I do afterwards?

After treatment do not let domestic animals walk on treated surfaces until dry and if bare skin comes into contact whilst wet then wash. Do not vacuum the carpeted areas that have been treated for at least two weeks. The walls, bed frames or any other treated surfaces must not be washed for at least two months. All bedding must be laundered. The treated room(s) must be heated and occupied at night as this encourages the Bedbugs to crawl over the treated surfaces. Be prepared to see some bed bugs for at least 2 weeks after the first treatment. After this time another good clean must be done before the second spray. 


Two sprays should be sufficient to deal with the problem. I guarantee bedbugs gone only after the 2nd spray providing the full & correct preparation and post spray advice has been carried out. This guarantee is for one month after the 2nd spray & only valid if the 2nd spray has been carried out within three weeks of the 1st. Insecticide treatments will only work on clean surfaces.